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Who Is Ink One?

Very simple short answer.  Everything that you see in your daily life that has a logo on it...We Can Print.  Well...Almost everything.

How It Works?

  1. First things first.  Our Team is great for College Students looking to earn EXTRA $$$ to fund late night pizza runs and Uber rides.   $$$  is based on performance. The more hustle, the more $$$.  Lets Get Started!

  2. Next...Lets pad your resume with Ink One-Social Media Marketing while in school.

  3. Your phone is the only tool you will need to be successful.

  4. We will create a post/link unique to you - See Sample Below

  5. Share, Share & Share Again. Post to your social circle using Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter & get your parents, aunts and uncles to use Facebook to share:)  Get Creative!  Who Do You Know?  Who Do You Know That Knows Someone? And so on...  Getting Others To Share Your Link Is The Key!

  6. When companies and/or organizations respond to your post and purchase their "much needed" custom printed items from Ink One, YOU MAKE BANK!

  7. 10% of the total product sales* is Yours.  For example: Your post/link refers "Joe's Fence Company" to Ink One. They purchase 100-company logo'd shirts at a value of $1500.  You get $150.

  8. Once order is paid by the customer, we will Venmo you directly & immediately.

  9. Here is the BEST part...When "Joes Fence Company" buys again, 10% again...and again...and again*.

  10. Lastly...There is NO COST. In today's world, we have to say that. We got tired of paying advertising fees to the social media companies to do the same.  We'd rather give it to you.

  11. Lets Get Started! - text "Join Ink One" to 804-608-9321

Sample Post

Click Here To See Link

Click Here To See Link

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