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What is Social Ink?

  1. Lets open with one question...Who Do You Know?

  2. First Things First.  Who is Ink One?  A Very simple and short answer is...Every item that you can imagine that has a logo on it...We Can Print It.  Well...almost everything.  Come Join Our Social Ink Team Today!

  3. ​Our Social Ink Team is great for Anyone looking to earn EXTRA $$$.  Your earnings is based on results.  The more you hustle, the more $$$.  Lets Get Started!

  4. Your phone is the only tool you will need to be successful.  

  5. We will create a post/link unique to you - See Sample Below

  6. Share, Share & Share Again. Reach out to everyone.  Use every form of social media known to man to get your link out.  Guaranteed...You know someone who knows someone who knows someone.  Your Potential Audience is MASSIVE!

  7. When a company/group/organization responds to your post and purchases their "much needed" custom printed items from Ink One, YOU GET PAID!

  8. 10% of the total product sales* is yours.  For example: Your post/link refers "Company A" to Ink One. They purchase 100 custom shirts with their logo at a value of $1500.  You get $150.

  9. Once order is paid by the customer, you get paid immediately.

  10. Here is the BEST part...When "Company A" buys again, 10% to you again...and again...and again*.

  11. Lets Get Started! - text "Social Ink" to 804-608-9321.

Sample Post

Click Here To See Link

Click Here To See Link

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